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Elevate operations, enhance learning—transforming university management with innovative solutions.

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What ManageX offers

At Greatify, ManageX represents a cutting-edge solution, tailored to revolutionize the educational landscape for administrators, teachers, students and parents alike.

Simplified Management

Seamlessly handle administrative tasks,
curriculum planning and student
progress tracking

Tailored for Success

Customized features designed to meet the unique needs of K-12 education.

Enhanced Collaboration

Promote an environment that fosters support and collaboration within the educational ecosystem, enhancing community bonds and student success.

Financial Efficiency

Optimize financial performance with strategies in budgeting, cost management, and analysis.

Increased Safety and Security

Ensures student safety with features like Hostel Management and Fleet Management, providing peace of mind to parents and institutions.

Efficient Communication

Bridge the gap between educators,
students and parents with a unified,
user-friendly interface.

Get more done with ManageX

Explore ManageX, unveiling its key elements for optimized management across various domains. Unlock the platform's potential with a comprehensive look at standout features and functionalities.

Student Tracking System

Greatify’s Student Tracking System equips higher education institutions with the essential tools to monitor and facilitate student progress, strengthen communication with parents, and elevate overall student success.

Student profiles

Academic Progress Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Communication Tools

Admission Management

The automated admission management feature streamlines the application and enrollment processes for universities and colleges, facilitating the seamless management of student information and admissions data.

Admission Overview by Class

Received Admission

Shortlisted Admission

Application Details

Lead Management

Track leads and communication with accurate insights and maximum lead conversion rate.

Manage Leads

Leads overview by class

Total Lead Generated/captured

Lead Details

Fee Management

Institutions can create multiple fee structure and allocate them to users across all modules.

Create Fee Structure

Audit Logs


Installment Setup

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

It empowers colleges to optimize asset utilization, reduce inventory costs, improve maintenance efficiency, and make informed decisions based on real-time data, ultimately increasing operational efficiency.

Asset Management Tracking

Inventory Management

Inventory connected to PO & GRN

Fleet Management

Provides a non-stop solution to manage and track school’s transportation resources.

Manage vehicles

Manage Routes

Student Mapping

Track Vehicles


Greatify HRMS digitizes employee attendance and leave requests, allowing schools track attendance, check-in/out times, and total work hours seamlessly.

Digital Attendance Tracking

Accurate Work Hour Calculation

Leave Request Management

Enhanced Productivity


Seamless processing of employee attendance, automatically calculating salaries and loss of pay based on individual attendance records, streamlining payroll for multiple employees.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Bulk Payroll Processing


Simplified Accounting

Library Management

Our system logs and organizes both online and offline books, making it easy for students to borrow, return and request new books, while also helping librarians efficiently manage the book inventory.

Streamlined Cataloging

Efficient Borrowing

Book Inventory Management

Enhanced Learning Environment

Hostel Management

This module is designed to revolutionize the management of student accommodations, ensuring a seamless and secure living environment within the institution. With transparent billing, efficient room allocation, and enhanced security measures, Greatify Hostel Management contributes to the overall satisfaction and well-being of students.

Room Allocation and Assignment

Visitor Management

Financial Transparency

Maintenance Requests

Frequently asked questions

What is ManageX?

ManageX is a robust and versatile solution designed to revolutionize educational management by unifying various essential functions and offering a wide array of features to optimize operations and enhance decision-making.

How does Fee Management work?

Fee Management allows institutions to create multiple fee structures, allocate them to users and manage audit logs, concessions and additional fees efficiently.

What is the Marketplace feature in ManageX?

The Marketplace connects schools with trusted vendors, offering approved educational content and resources such as online courses, books, merchandise and tutor services.

Is ManageX customizable for different institutions?

Yes, ManageX is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing institutions to tailor its features to meet their unique needs and requirements.

What support does Greatify offer for ManageX implementation?

Greatify offers comprehensive support, including training, technical assistance and continuous updates to ensure that institutions can effectively utilize ManageX.