Customizing education to students needs

June 25, 2024
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Individualized Learning, Collective Success

We are entering an era in which an individual’s particular interests and abilities have become more important than ever. We have more means than ever before to customize knowledge delivery, so shouldn’t our online tuitions and online tutorials reflect that reality?  Let’s look at what digital divide or new age education is and how personalized learning can help your child. What is Personalized Learning? Personalized learning, often known as personalization, refers to a wide range of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support measures designed to accommodate individual students’ unique learning requirements, interests, goals, or cultural backgrounds.   Personalized learning is widely regarded as an alternative to so-called “one-size-fits-all” approaches to education. For example, teachers provide the same instruction, assignments, and assessments to all students from semi-urban and rural areas in a given course with slight variation or modification from student to student.  Simply put, learner profiles, unique learning paths, competency-based advancement, and adaptable learning environments are the four main characteristics of personalized learning.

Why is this form of learning effective?

Because, in general, the educational process is non-linear and not learner-centric. Teachers cannot expect their Students in their classroom to learn in the same way or at the same rate. Customizing the learning experience and personalizing it to each student ensures that each individual gets the proper education depending on how they learn and what interests them.

Why should you use personalized learning?

  • To undergo micro-level performance analysis and boost student performance
  • To assist kids in meeting academic standards
  • To meet the requirements of all students
  • To engage children by linking their outside-of-school and inside-of-school lives

How to Adopt a Customized Education Program in Schools?

Modify teaching methodology to customize education to students’ needs

Educating your teachers is the first step in developing a customized learning program. Personalized learning can work well when teachers fully grasp the process, methods, evaluations, goals, and integration of technology in education.   That is what Greatify does; experienced faculty collaborate with newcomers to facilitate knowledge transfer and help them deliver quality education as well as live & online education. So, before you begin, have a face-to-face interaction with teachers to brainstorm ideas, research individualized learning approaches, and plan actions to execute this type of program together.

Allow students to take part in their own learning

Students who are given a chance to voice in their learning experience develop essential skills such as self-advocacy. Students are more motivated to achieve their goals when they can participate in goal setting in the classroom.  Give students the option of reading a short narrative or listening to an audio version while reading. For example, Greatify implemented personalized learning with the right mix of content and assessment modules to orient student’s outcomes. Allowing for this type of personalized learning will enable students to select the procedure that best meets their needs.

Allow students to demonstrate their expertise

While traditional test results and essays should never be neglected, providing students with additional avenues to demonstrate their mastery of topics encourages them to take responsibility for their virtual classrooms and learning.   Teachers can make assessments multifaceted, with a knowledge graph provided for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned in a practical situation. A math instructor, for example, can have his or her students make a simple meal while utilizing arithmetic in a valuable way to measure the appropriate amount of each component.

Make flexible classrooms

Spinning stations is another method to experience personalized learning in a flexible classroom. Students can focus on the right things in the appropriate place when they have particular stations that cater to their custom learning playlists.   This promotes collaboration and allows teachers to work with smaller groups for targeted education. Also, conduct doubt-clearing sessions to acquaint them with the process of understanding the vague concepts. One example is Greatify – it has a comprehensive assessment procedure to allow students to engage with senior teachers to address their doubts.

How does personalized education help students?

When you’re committed and invested in something, you’ll succeed for sure. So it stands to reason that when a student’s learning demands are motivated by their passions, interests, and increasing aspirations, they would see positive outcomes from their learning endeavors.

Increased Student Participation

Student engagement rises as a result of customized learning and education at home. You can also enhance student engagement by addressing the various interests of students.   Increased engagement also results in higher levels of motivation among individuals. Students will become interested in their learning journey because they have a level of choice in the learning path they take.  With Teachze, all that students require is internet connectivity and tablets/PCs/laptops.

Enhanced Productivity

Increased productivity is also a result of personalized learning. Understanding each student’s needs allows you to target the areas that demand attention. This implies that already familiar internet content can be omitted and can spend more time on topics and places that are proving difficult.  By delivering content as students require it, the learning journey becomes more efficient, allowing teachers and students to invest in areas that demand attention.

Improved Mental Health

The children will not feel compelled to learn. They will understand that it is in their best interests to learn, but they will also know that the teacher will assist them, not push them.

A Sense of Belonging

Students form ties with teachers because customized learning takes into account each child’s characteristics. Classes usually have smaller numbers of students, and they form a long-lasting team.

Are You Prepared to Implement Personalized Learning in Your School?

Each child in your classroom learns at a different rate. Each individual has demands and interests that are unique to their learning style. Customized learning experiences, like many other aspects of learning, are both simple and complex. Yet, it can make a significant difference in happiness and efficacy.  Implementing a personalized learning program allows them all to learn at their own pace and in the best method because every student deserves the opportunity to pursue the educational career that has been designed specifically for them!  So, are you willing to make this a reality at your school? Connect to Greatify today!  At Greatify, we believe in providing a high-quality education to the student’s doorstep, regardless of their geographical reach. Be it NEET, JEE, CA, CMA, or CS foundation, we prepare students for everything.

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