Educating the Modern Day Student - Challenges and Responses

June 25, 2024
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Meeting Modern Challenges with Cutting-Edge Educational Solutions.

The pandemic has brought many changes to almost every field. It has significantly impacted the education system. A few years ago, students were subjected to traditional education methods characterised by physical classes and exams.    Most people know that Indian students are expected to grasp topics by rote learning. As a result, there is a massive gap between what they learn in schools and the skills the market demands. Thus, students end up attending separate coaching classes to acquire in-demand skills to find their place in the real world. Hence, decades-old processes in education are no longer relevant.

Challenges and responses in the current scenario

1. Effective education involves stimulation

You’ve probably come across dozens of students who complain about how boring their subjects are. In fact, you may have been one of those students. However, in the current scenario, students must be stimulated to focus on education using the correct technology and platform. The traditional examination-centric education system may not prove effective in this aspect, especially in the current situation.    Online education, on the other hand, involves new techniques so that students pay attention. For example, new-age education involves quizzes, games, and other fun activities so that they develop an interest in their curriculum and learn concepts effectively.

2. Lack of quality education

Another common complaint raised by students and parents is the lack of experienced faculty and quality education. This is a significant problem because poor education leads to the wastage of human resources.    Fortunately, the integration of technology has solved this problem to some extent. Even though students are glued to electronic devices to understand their subjects, it is ultimately worth it. Online learning programs are known to have the right mix of content, assessment, and doubt clearing sessions.

3. Learning from home

Covid-19 has brought the entire planet to a standstill since its onset and has forced schools and training centers to shut down. The pandemic and the resulting shift in the market has mandated a change in the curriculum and syllabus.    If you want your kids to improve and stay ahead of the curve, education at home, online tuitions, and online tutorials can be effective. Live & online education keeps your child up to date. Moreover, the teaching methodology involved is entirely different from that of the traditional education system.

4. Lack of coaching centres

Some students and lecturers do not believe in learning at home and prefer the classroom. However, the pandemic has drastically changed the situation. The non-availability of coaching centres has forced coaching institutes to update and adjust their curriculums to make learning easy and effective via virtual classrooms.

Blended learning and the new normal

Educational institutions will need a significant amount of planning and possibly an overhaul of their education system. Blended learning seems to be the way to go, where institutes can include video conferencing facilities, more engaging content, and digital face-to-face interaction with teachers.    The government introduced digital learning through initiatives like eVidya and DIKSHA. However, less affluent families do not have access to tablets, PCs, laptops, and internet connections. This means, not all students from semi-urban and rural areas have access to digital education. This is a significant challenge to overcome.

What lies ahead?

If education has to succeed in the post-pandemic era, educators need to adapt to technological advancements and follow a new system to teach students. After all, the main motive of the education system is to teach students about various topics.The importance of blended learning is more evident when the most lucrative jobs and fields require you to understand the latest computer technologies and frameworks.  is India’s first fully digitalized coaching institute. It offers online coaching classes to students preparing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and professional examinations like CA, CMS & CS. In addition, Greatify provides bilingual education, allowing students to learn in English or their preferred local language.

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