Teachers Responsiveness to Technology in Education

June 25, 2024
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Transforming Teaching Through Technological Empowerment.


The use of technology in education, or ed-tech, has been exponentially rising for the past few years. However, ever since the pandemic, the world has witnessed a sudden shift in the mode of education. All schools, colleges, coaching classes, and other educational institutes had no other option but to switch to online learning. Both teachers and students needed to adapt to e-learning during these testing times.

Teachers’ responsiveness to technology in education

Online learning has many pros and cons. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of technology in education has received mixed responses from both students and teachers. Thousands of students from across the world are exposed to technology and gadgets and enjoy e-learning. At the same time, many students struggle to arrange a mobile phone or laptop for online classes. The same is the case with teachers. Those who were not tech-savvy found it challenging to operate PCs, tablets, and laptops to deliver online lectures. To make the best use of ed-tech, teachers must have a positive response towards it. Online learning has impacted the whole education system. Teachers need to take some measures and approach this new system positively. Here are some of the measures that teachers can take to improve the system:    

1. They can transform the traditional styles of teaching :

The integration of education and technology is not ancient. Physical classrooms and blackboard teaching have been the norm for decades. Therefore, many teachers struggle to adapt to the sudden growth of technology in the education sector. They lack technical skills and are unable to provide the students with quality education. For many of them, teaching means dictating notes or solving problems on the whiteboard. This method may not prove to be effective in e-learning. Moreover, digital learning can get monotonous if teachers do not engage with the students during the classes.

Teachers need to keep themselves up-to-date with the changing times and adapt to digital learning trends. They will have to learn new techniques of teaching and communicating with the students. Teachers also need to train and upskill themselves to cater to the changing needs of students in the era of e-learning.  

2. Teachers can use new tools and platforms for getting wider reach :

One of the most significant benefits of online education during the pandemic is that teachers have communicated with a large number of students. Due to online education, many students have gained access to quality education. This has benefited students who come from rural areas or have poor economic conditions. Students attend coaching classes to prepare for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, etc. These coaching institutes were able to accommodate a limited number of students.  

With the help of virtual classes, these institutes can take more students. As a result, students from rural areas, who found it difficult to study in cities, are now getting equal learning opportunities.

Teachers can teach students from all over the country, irrespective of their location or other barriers. Many of them have uploaded their recorded lectures for students on YouTube or other platforms. Many teachers who offer private coaching classes have enrolled students for online courses in bulk to earn money. But, they are hardly able to pay attention to their students. Therefore, teachers must understand the importance of peer-to-peer learning. They should take the help of technology to provide quality education rather than using it for the wrong purposes.

3. Technology helps them save time and energy :

Many teachers have shown a positive response towards using technology in the education sector. They have used technology to make reforms in the industry so that students have access to quality education. Many teachers record online lectures and provide them to the students for revision. During physical classes, students write down notes and sometimes miss out on crucial concepts. But, online education allows the students to focus on learning rather than worrying about taking notes. They can watch the recorded lectures for revision. Even if a student misses some classes, he or she can watch the recordings rather than asking the teacher to repeat the entire thing. It saves energy and time.  

Moreover, online tools help teachers upload notes online on a single platform so that all the students can access them. They can also take regular tests on the platform and upload instant results. This allows the students to analyze their test results and prepare accordingly. Teachers can keep track of their performances and guide them accordingly. Online learning platforms help the teachers to focus on effective teaching rather than doing mechanical work. Students also get extra time for self-study.

4. The burden on teachers has been significantly reduced :

With the advent of technology in the education sector, the burden on teachers has greatly reduced. Students can learn with the help of infographics, diagrams, recorded videos, presentations, etc. Students have become self-reliant. Also, there is no physical barrier. Teachers can teach students from various parts of the country without any difficulty.

At the same time, online teaching also makes it essential for teachers to ensure that technology does not hamper the learning procedure. Many students need personal attention. Teachers need to upgrade their teaching style to ensure that no student is left behind.

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